Posted 1 day ago

Hello Summer 2014

After one year of being busy, stressed, rushed, meeting deadlines, and many more in school, office, or even in our house. All of us deserves a summer vacation wherein you can relax, have time with your family and friends, and go some place you’ve never been before. ☀️⛵️✈️🚣🌊🌸🏊🏄🏂🍴🍻🍷🎉

Posted 2 days ago

Meowww 😺😺

Posted 2 days ago

After ilang years, may bunga na ang Palm Tree namin. Is it edible to eat? 🌴🌴🌴

Posted 4 days ago

Zumba gurls!! 🙈

Posted 5 days ago

Zumba timeeee. 👯

Posted 6 days ago

One-on-one with The One 🙏📖 #goodnight

Posted 1 week ago

A little bit of heaven in a plastic container 😋

Posted 1 week ago

I love you, Babsy! 💋 @yejjai

Posted 1 week ago

Childhood memories. 🙈

Posted 1 week ago

Frosty ❄️